Jeep Gladiator JT 2020+ – 1,800 Watt All-In-One Audio Kit for Select – 14 to 21 Days Delivery

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Shipped in 14-21 days.

The Gladiator Stage 5 Jeep all-in-one audio kit was developed to take your 4×4 adventure to the next level. This 1,800 watt plug and play audio kit delivers high output performance; a jeep specific tune to ensure an epic listening experience as well as a straightforward installation. The system is designed and engineered to match and compliment your factory interior and was built Element Ready™ ensuring lasting performance no matter the terrain.

Performance Sound: With a total of 1,800 watts, this audio kit is equipped with two 10″ subwoofers, front and overhead 6.5″ coaxial speakers, front 1-inch tweeters, and both a 1,000-watt and an 800-watt amplifier that are pre-tuned. The kit also features a Digital Signal Processor with a specific Jeep tune, all to ensure the best-in-class listening experience.

Element Ready™: Purpose built for the off-road environment, Rockford’s Element Ready™ products are built to stand up to water, dirt, mud and UV rays, making sure all your audio components perform regardless of the conditions.

Plug-and-Play Design: With the Plug and Play wire harnesses, OEM style enclosures with factory connectors, and no cutting wires or plastic parts you will enjoy an easy and simple installation process.

RF3 (Rockford Factory Fit and Finish): Designed and engineered to match and compliment the factory fit and finish of your vehicle. These components are purpose built to the exact specifications to ensure the best-in-class fitment and look.

Compatibility Chart: Please review below tab for fitment before purchasing.

Backorder: 14 - 21 days Arrival time on Tools, Consumables and certain Rockford Fosgate Products.


Where Sound Meets Adventure


The Jeep Gladiator Stage 5 is an all-in-one 1,800 Watt high-performance audio system that’s 4x louder than the base audio and nearly 2x louder than the premium audio system. It stands apart from the competition with its fully integrated Digital Signal Processor tuned specifically for Jeep Gladiator by Rockford Fosgate engineers using a custom designed 6-microphone array.

(2) M2-TS M2 1” Dash Tweeters + Bezels
(2) TMS65 6.5” Front Speakers + Enclosures
(2) TMS65 6.5” Overhead Speakers + Enclosure
(2) T1S2-10 Dual 10” Subwoofers + Enclosure
(1) DSP + Jeep Specific Tune
(1) M5-800X4 800 Watt Amp + Jeep Specific Tune
(1) M5-1000X1 1,000 Watt Amp + Jeep Specific Tune
(1) PLC2 Bass Level Control + Custom Knob
(1) Complete Wiring Kit + Fuse block
(1) Factory Jack Relocation Kit
(1) 12V Relocation Kit
(1) Rockford Fosgate Duck

• (6~8) Hours Typical



Total Power
1,800 Watts
Front Speakers
(2) M2-TS
(2) TMS65
Soundbar Speakers
(2) TMS65
(2) T1S2-10
Fuse Size
150 ANL
Accessory Pack
(1) ABS Drill Template for Jeep
(3) Flat Washer M4-0.7, 9mm OD, 1mm TH
(20) Nylon Cable Tie 0.17 x 8 in.
(3) Stamped Clip
(1) 12V Socket Removal Tool for Jeep Wrangler
(1) Hole Saw with Arbor, 20mm Diameter
(3) Large Screw, M4x0.7, x 8mm
(3) Thread Forming Screw, 1/4-14 THD, 0.75 in L, Hex, 0.375
(1) Drill Bit, 4.76mm Diameter, 89mm L(2) Flat Flange Washer 2.5mm
(1) Subwoofer Bracket Passenger
(1) Subwoofer Bracket Driver
(1) Machine Screw, M5, 16mm, Hex
(1) SHCS Screw, M5x0.8, 30mm L, Hex, 4mm
(2) Coupling Nut, M6x1, 10mm Diam., 20mm L
(2) SHCS Screw, M6x1, 45mm L, Hex, 5mm
(4) FHCS Screw, M6x1, 10mm L, Hex, 4mm
(1) Nylon Nut, M5x0.8, 8mm Hex, 5mm Tall
(1) Steel-Neoprene Sealing Washer
(2) Clipped Washer, 5.3 ID, 16.0 OD
Shipping Dimensions
23.1” x 28.1” x 55.9”
58.7 cm x 71.5 cm x 14.20 cm
Shipping Weight
98.1 Lbs (44.5 kg)




YES Compatible!Model IS compatible with kit


NOT Compatible!Model NOT compatible with kit


Model not producedModel not produced this year




Manual TransmissionManual TransmissionM


Trailer Brake ControllerTow PackageD


Premium AudioPremium AudioP


Diesel V6Diesel V6D


SPORT MODELS 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Gladiator Sport ✓D ✓D
Gladiator Sport S ✓D ✓D ✓D


WILLYS MODELS 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Gladiator Willys ✓D ✓D ✓D
Gladiator Willys Sport ✓D ✓D ✓D


RUBICON MODELS 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Gladiator Rubicon ✓D ✓D,P ✓D,P


LIMITED MODELS 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Gladiator 80th Anniversary ✓D,P
Gladiator Altitude ✓D
Gladiator California Edition ✓D
Gladiator FarOut ✓D,P
Gladiator Freedom ✓D
Gladiator High Altitude ✓D,P ✓D,P ✓D,P
Gladiator Overland ✓D ✓D,P ✓D,P
Gladiator North Edition ✓P
Gladiator Mojave ✓P ✓P
Gladiator Texas Trail ✓D ✓D

A Automatic Transmission: requires no special modifications.
M Manual Transmission: requires removal of supplied grommet & drilling 3/4-inch hole through firewall to route power wire.
D Diesel V6: requires removal of fuse-holder from bracket to mount separately on firewall.
D Diesel + Tow Package: requires purchase of PLC2 remote bass control and alternate mounting location.
P Premium Audio: available on this model is replaced by Rockford Fosgate audio kit.
V8 6.4L V8: requires removal of fuse-holder from bracket to mount separately on firewall.