Eco Router Bit tray


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ECO Tray – Great for DIY’ers and those looking to get into custom fabrication. This is one of our most robust router bit trays allowing for many different fabrication techniques to be used!


  • Includes:
    • 1/2″ Roundover – Edge profile pieces for a smooth rounded look, great for ports too!
    • 1/2″ 45 Degree Chamfer – Edge profile for a sleek aggressive look, works great for making metal mesh mold plugs as well!
    • 1/2″ Flush Trim – Copy templates and shapes with precision
    • 1/2″ Rabbet – Cut notches for material gaps
    • Bearings – Used with the flush trim bit to expand a profile shape and oversize. Used with the rabbet bit to undersize and control gap sizes between pieces.
  • Organization tray labeled for easy bearing identification
  • All bits use a 1/4″ Router Collet (This is great for use with entry level routers!)



  • Used to cut wood and plastics