Good day Cerwin Vega Mobile Dealers,

We are running a Combo Promotion on called Black November. We will be selecting certain dealers and run campaigns with your information to boost your store. This will drive traffic toward your business.

How does it work?
There will be Combo Promotions placed under Combo Deals on the Cerwin Vega Mobile site. Products and Promotions will be sold with Installation Vouchers that are only Redeemable at your store. The Vouchers will have a 90-day time period for a Consumer to get their Products(s) Installed at your store and start the Warranty Process. Each voucher will contain a unique code that will relate to the products purchased for the installation. Please note the Installation vouchers count towards the installation.


How does the Warranty Activate?
Once the consumer has purchased a Cerwin Vega Mobile Product(s), the consumer will have within 90-days to get the Product(s) installed. The consumer will get in contact with you to arrange the Installation Date. Once the Installation has been completed, there are two online forms that need to be filled out by you and the Consumer to complete the Warranty Process:

Consumer Installation Completed form
Dealer Installation Completed form

When the forms are submitted and the information is received, AMD will pay the Value of the voucher back to you.


This structure has been put in place to create more awareness and increase business for Your Store. There will be more combo promotions and campaigns being run in the future to empower growth. Thank you for taking time reading through this newsletter, we look forward to seeing the growth in your business. 


Relevant links below:

• Consumer Installation Completed form

• Dealer Installation Completed form

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